Do you live in Farnborough?

Thats Farnborough, Hampshire, England just in case there are any other Farnboroughs out there? In fact if you live in another Farnborough, please tell me about it anyway, I am interested!!

Back to the subject…

As part of our forthcoming exhibition we need to know some facts about farnborough, if you happen to know some that we may not already know, please tell us about them.

2 thoughts on “Do you live in Farnborough?

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  1. I live in Farnborough, Hampshire, apparently no one else does though. Some nice pictures of Farnborough Abbey, shame there are none taken inside- anyway well done.


  2. Well that makes two of us!! LOL!!! I have been inside the Abbey and its stunning isn’t it but we weren’t allowed to take shots at the time. Although another friend of mine did and he posted them on his website.


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