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On Saturday I did the environment a favour by taking the train to Winchester where we spent the day photographing all and sundry. I could have driven but decided to leave my gas guzzling, 2.5Litre Volvo V70 at home where it could have a rest. I feel embarrased to admit that I haven’t used the train much in the past year but really enjoyed my journey both ways, in fact I had the carriage to myself on the way back. It cost me no more than 15 quid and considering how much my car would have chomped through plus the exorbitant parking fees one has to pay these days to park anywhere. I think 15 quid was quite reasonable.

I was also able to enjoy the passing scenery as my train whisked me through the Hampshire countryside and spotted a number of things I wouldn’t have noticed if I were driving. I always feel that train journeys bring out the child in you and that feeling of wonderment you felt when you first went away from home with your parents.

The question is, will I do this more often? I’d certainly like to, that’s for sure.

As a Photographer I like to capture the World that I see through images and to share these with everyone through the website, published articles and so on so forth. The World is a precious entity, why not protect what we like to share in terms of photography?

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