Using Lightroom to organise images

Here we go, just going to write a little article on using Lightroom based on my experiences with it so far. LR offers a few ways of labelling your images such as the good old star ratings system, flags and colour labelling. Its all too easy to think that you need to use them all in order to benefit fully from the system. This is not the case at all, they are merely tools that you may use should you wish to do so.

I have decided to keep my use of these items very simple indeed by using the rating system to mark images that are fit for stock (generally giving them a 5 or nothing) and the colour labels for marking the point in the workflow. What do I mean by this? I have decided to use different colours to indicate how far an image has gone for example, no colour means its been selected but not processed yet, purple means its been captioned, keyworded and uploaded to and green means its gone to Alamy. I am toying with extending this a little bit to signify the transmission to other libraries that I contribute to. I have a few!

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