Building up stock…

I just wanted to write a little bit about what is currently going on behind the scenes at NLP. I am in the process of building up the new stock library with my archive, its going to take quite awhile to complete as I have thousands of images available. The good news is that all new images will go up on the site with little delay and hence I plan to keep as fresh as possible.

The Galleries don’t list every image, they are intended to showcase the finest images on the site and to give you a taste of what is available plus you can flick through them quite quickly. They are also a useful tool for marketing stock to potential clients which is something I am going to be taking care of myself and to build up relationships with new businesses.

I shall be continuing to market my images through Alamy, as they can reach markets that I have no hope of tapping into as an individual. I tend to export images from Lightroom both for this site and Alamy in parallel thanks to its multi-theaded architecture and speed.

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