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I am actively seeking new client opportunities for the year ahead. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

I have 25 years experience in the software industry. I am a highly experienced front-end web developer who specialises in VueJS/Gridsome at the current point in time. I am setting out to write about my experience through this website and hope that my blog posts and documentation can help you in some way, whether you are trying to get your head around the latest tech or are seeking the kind of consultancy services I offer on a freelance basis.


Recent Posts:

  • documentary - This Moment in History
    Recently I’ve been doing a small project for the local council organisation known as Rushmoor Volunteers. The goal being to capture photos that depict the very strange times we are going through this year due to Covid
  • Originally I used Wordpress for all of my CMS needs and then for some projects, Drupal... However I was never content (excuse the pun) with PHP nor any of its templating systems. Now there is JAMStack and I wanted to tell you about the CMS tools I use for this website.
  • I flex my Techie Geek knowledge and talk about some of the greatest developments of the past decade and what to look out for in the next!
  • An introduction to the concepts of structured content and why I find it to be immensely powerful and easily intuitive for all levels of end-user

Featured Posts:

  • development - Gridsome
    Gridsome is brilliant and I've been using it now for quite some time. The perfect tool for running this website and I'm sure many others to come!
  • photography - Kew Gardens
    We visited Kew Gardens on what was one of the hottest days we've experienced for a long time. All photos taken on my trusty iPhone.
  • My current status in terms of work and other things worth sharing ;-)

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I am a freelance web developer, photographer, content creator and writer, who is on a mission to help businesses and individuals build solutions for their online world.

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