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Malta: Shadow & Light

I wrote a post just before we went away, haven’t written since and I have an excellent excuse for that! We had too much of a good time, the weather was fantastic, we spent all of our time pretty much… Continue Reading →

This time next week: We shall be in Valletta!

Through the woods

I demonstrate how you can capture very smooth video with a DJI Osmo and a mountain bike that has good suspension. You could be fooled into thinking I flew a drone through the woods!

There is a new site up at which is for the moment, something of an experiment, as it was built using Phenomic a static site generator that combines mainly markdown files and ReactJS components together to create sites. I… Continue Reading →

Spring canopy

The joys of Spring and my brother springing a photography challenge upon me! All very “Springy” you see! A friend of his on Facebook started a photo-a-day-for-seven-days challenge to someone, they then pass it on to another. A little bit… Continue Reading →

Stock Photography: A numbers game?

I can once recall having a conversation with my friend Gary Roebuck about stock photography, its highs and lows, whether it was worth bothering with or not? However one conclusion we kept returning to was that it had to be… Continue Reading →

Wellington Statue

It was a case of just me and the Duke. I have decided to spend more time with each┬ásubject, to slow down, try various different angles. I came away thinking of other approaches I could take for this location. The… Continue Reading →

Stock Photography and how it all began

Following on from yesterday’s post about making a really good sale, really good for just one image, I have been reminiscing…. It was quite awhile ago that I first became involved with stock photography but only really as it switched… Continue Reading →

Added the Google Sitemap Plugin

Google (XML) Sitemaps Generator for WordPress I shall write a full article on this stuff fairly soon…. Just need to trigger a sitemap update for now ­čÖé

Pick of the Archives #10 – The last one, for now…

It’s been fun going back through the archives and sharing some old material but I must get back to creating new imagery. I made a really good picture sale the other day with Alamy and was as a result very… Continue Reading →

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