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Waverley Abbey

Earlier in the week I got my Phantom 2 back from being repaired and I’ve had some time to take it out and fly again. It seems ok but I am worried about the gimbal, it could just be the vibration dampening at fault but there is a little shake in this video that we didn’t have previously. So slightly concerned.

Apart from that I am delighted with how the footage is looking at just 1080p 30fps and using the medium field-of-view, very little distortion and the subject looks more as you’d see it through your own eyes. I have applied a little warmth to the footage through a lumetri filter in Premiere Pro.

Still bugging me with that shakiness though, I may take the Gimbal off and re-assemble it before the next flight.

Life is all about having fun

The blog is set to feature some interesting new twists from me this year, as I discover new ways of delivering content, not just through the means of the written word and photography. We are now venturing into Audio and Video, trying various different tools and technologies along the way, so should hopefully be exciting and possibly even interesting to you the blog reader, viewer or are you now a listener? So what’s new? Quite a lot, which is great as we can now really start to live on the edge…

GoPro Cameras

I have just purchased my first ever GoPro and with the recent release of the Hero 4, we went down to Winchester, London Camera Exchange shop and bought the Black model which shoots up to 4k video. We also bought some other kit which I will go into in a moment and explain what and why we are venturing into some new areas for 2015.

The Hero 4 is very impressive and I haven’t really explored it enough just yet but there are a whole raft of things that we can do with it. I shall be sharing my footage as we go along and showing you how to post-process it and to be honest that is very much a learning process for me as it stands. A lot to learn and sometimes the best way of making sure such things sink in, is to impart your knowledge to others. You then often learn that they may be other, better, ways of doing what you just did!

Nikon Cameras

I haven’t bought a Digital SLR in ages, the last one I purchased was my D7000 which I still use all of the time and I love it. I have stopped being obsessed with having the latest DSLR because it was becoming very expensive. I haven’t got myself a new lens in ages either, so what gives? Time and opportunity. I am not doing as much photography as I was but I think this year, especially after our trip to Malta last month, I am getting back into the swing of it. I am pleased about that and as happens, need to update the media library on this website at some point with new photos. So watch this space, there will be more stuff in this vein before too long.

Phantom 2 Quadcopters

That very same trip to London Camera Exchange in Winchester also saw us buying a Phantom 2 Quadcopter. My previous posts this week featured some footage that I captured with it. I will be talking a lot more about the configuration of this aircraft in future posts. However just one quick thing, it blew my socks off and having seen what you can achieve just from 45 minutes of flight time has opened up my mind to what I can create.

YouTube vs Vimeo

I am trying out both services and not sure which is best or whether I should just publish content on both. Anybody else out there have any experiences or advice? Please post in the comments below and we can discuss that.


I am currently looking at using services like for making sure that the music I use in my future videos is licensed for use in such things. It also helps artists get their name out there and to expand the exposure of their work. So that can only be a good thing.

Contracts and freelance work

I have just finished my work for Gladstone MRM in Wallingford and starting a new gig next week. So have got a few days off to play and have some fun!


I have got photos to share on the blog and possibly some written articles on Malta, where we were only 3 weeks ago. Our next trip is Mauritius in November. So already planning taking the GoPro on that trip for some underwater filming and other things. We are very excited about this trip, I cannot express that enough!!!!!

That was quite a long post and now planning some more substance for later posts to get this blog back on the road. It has been somewhat neglected but there are a zillion things we can do nowadays.



Moment of the year

World War One Poppy Display at The Tower of London

The Poppies at The Tower of London last year were incredible, totally heart-wrenchingly poignantly beautiful. We were so glad to have seen them with our own eyes. This photo¬†was by far my favourite, for it’s tranquility amongst the ocean of people that surrounded them. We all observed, parents telling their children what this incredible feat of creativity symbolised. Our freedom, we must remember the sacrifices that were made by countless soldiers for future.. Read More

2015 lets begin!

The Lord Mayors Parade

Ok many people have already written their posts about what a great (or in some cases bad) year 2014 was. Well it wasn’t a bad year all in all. Like many it had good bits and bad bits but I shall refrain from going into detail on any of that because you dear reader will only care to know that health is good and business likewise. This year starts off in a good.. Read More

Ableton Live


I have been an ardent fan of Ableton Live for many years and last year when it came out I bought a “Push” which is part controller, part instrument and I have been taking them through their paces on the new Macbook Pro that I have. I got to tell you, they work flawlessly and the built in DSP capabilities of the Mac are astounding. But if you are a fellow Mac owner,.. Read More